How is Foursquare going in Sydney?

It’s been a little while since we have spoken about how Foursquare is going in Sydney and around Australia.

Foursquare seemed to really take off in Australia throughout 2010, now we are not hearing all that much about the Geolocation Service.

There is no doubt in America usage is still strong, especially as Media Companies integrate with the service. But I have been trying to find out more info about Australia, not with much luck.

The tool remains to primarily be used by the Retail/ Hospitality industry from a Marketing perspective – and it is great to see this (generally less tech-savvy) market tapping into Social Media, but how much are they actually doing?

Now that Facebook Places has launched whereby you can check-in to venues which is then broadcasted to your Friends/Network – we have heard very little about Foursquare in Australia.

I have noticed at some City of Sydney events they have signs on connecting via various Social Networks, including Foursquare. Many Cafes and Restaurants around Sydney CBD are still offering Foursquare specials, and there are plenty of users in the area.

Interestingly enough the other day when I went to the Liquor store there was a MASSIVE Check-in with Foursquare sticker on their window (I wonder how they got it?)


I personally find the Facebook Places Service much more useful, due to sheer numbers, and in my eyes Foursquare seems to have gone a little ‘quiet’ in Sydney and Australia recently – but there are still many users and therefore businesses must be benefiting from this social marketing exposure.

I am now starting to think of Foursquare as primarily a Geolocation Cafe/ Restaurant/ Bar/ Retail review service, right?

If anyone notices some interesting Foursquare posters around the place or come across any interesting deals, feel free to let us know.

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