How to write a quality Twitter Bio

on November 9, 2011 | Twitter | Comments (1)

There is no doubt Twitter is a powerful business social network, and with it’s close integration with LinkedIn I really find Twitter a useful marketing tool and information source.

Fact is this site gets a fair proportion of monthly traffic from my Twitter profile. So what is the best way we can optimise our Twitter profiles?

We previously described how you can search engine optimise your Social Media profiles – do check out this article if you are looking for some advanced tips.

Today I want to touch on the best way to fill out your Twitter Biography. This is the 160 characters available on your Twitter profile.

1. Name and Location

Fill in your real name and actual physical location where you live/ work, to a city level – eg Sydney, Australia. If you use your full name your Twitter profile may come up when people Google search your name, which is a good opportunity to present yourself professionally/ digitally.

2. Profile Picture

Make sure you upload a professional looking picture of your face! This is really important as profiles without a picture are often overlooked and they do look a little spammy. You really want a good headshot with this so people can see the person behind the name – don’t use some dark obscure photo for your Twitter profile.

3. Fill our your Biography

Use the 160 characters you have available to describe who you are/ what you do/ and what you do for work. This is a great opportunity give some insight into your particular area of expertise.

4. Add in your website

Twitter has a specific field where you can add your website address – use this! If you have more than one website (as in my case) you can add more URLs in the bio field if you wish – but don’t add too many. Fact is if you have a decent size Twitter following you can generate good traffic to your websites from your Twitter profile links.

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