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I have been holding off writing this post for a little while, but I think it’s now time to annonce to readers.

I would like to officially announce the launch of a new blog -

All Instagram – The Unofficial Instagram Blog

What gave me this idea?

1. I am a big Instagram user. Follow me:

Now that Facebook has purchased Instagram we are going to see this social network become one of the leaders (it already is)

People all around the world can see the marketing and business case for using Instagram

4. It is a really cool app, we haven’t seen something with this much impact and user engagement in a while

5. I have seen some other quality websites that focus on one particular social network and become the place to go for news and marketing advice.

So I decided to create a dedicated website/ blog just covering the Instagram niche and from an international angle, not just Australian.

The development of the site did take a little while. It is a total custom wordpress theme and I believe looks pretty good. The overall WordPress layout is a little more professional and business themed, compared to SocialMediaNews. (If anyone wants a totally custom WordPress theme you can hire me).

So, check out the website – Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter, or +1 us on Google Plus.

As the site is brand new, I will be doing the usual SEO and Social Media promotion. If anyone would like to contribute to the site in time, feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for reading. I have some other cool projects I am working on and will give you more details when appropriate.

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