iPhone 4 v HTC Evo vs. Droid Incredible showdown

Steve Jobs has finally told us how great the iPhone 4 is so why not compare the device against Google’s most advanced models. Who is better!?

Andriod devices have become very popular over the last 6 months and models have been released and Google + HTC have pushed the devices to US and Asian markets.

Apple doesn’t seem all that concerned about the Andriod (or maybe they are putting on a tough front).

Is Nokia and Windows Mobile going to join the party with some late model inventions?

Hopefully they do.

Below is some stats covering the latest iPhone and HTC devices.

HTC Evo                                         iPhone 4                              Droid Incredible

display 4.3inches(480×800) 3.5inches(960×640)           3.7inches(480×800)
CPU 1000mhz(512MB ram)   Apple A4 chip                          1000mhz(576MB ram)
ports USB/micro                            Apple/iPod port                    USB/micro
storage 1GB internal+SD             Up to 32BG                              8GB internal+SD
battery 146 hour standby          300 hour standby                146 hour standby
camera 8PM + front                      5MP + front                             8PM + front
Connectivity WiFi, bluetooth WiFi, bluetooth                     WiFi, bluetooth
Apps 70,000                                    200,000+                                70,000

Is seems the iPhone may have more features on paper, then yet again the Andriod devices do not have such stringent software limitations like Apple products have.

What is your pick and why?

The Andriod has a better camera, yet the iPhone a better screen.

Overseas the HTC Evo 4G is completely sold out. Not only Apple fans go crazy for the latest tech gadgets!

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