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These days, I’d say the single most important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation is the amount of incoming links to your website.

You could have a poorly constructed site, with the meta and title tags blank or filled out incorrectly – but if you have a large amount of incoming links this will negate most negative aspects of your SEO.

But it’s not simply the case that any old link will be good enough to help with your SEO.

These days many links on the web will be ‘no follow’. Eg when you post a link on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook all links are ‘nofollow’ – otherwise those sites would be inundated by spammers. What does ‘no follow’ mean?

For example you create a link with the following example code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Social Media News Australia</a>

This means we have some text ‘Social Media News Australia’ that is a link, and this link will open in a new window.

You can see target=”_blank” – this means open the link in a new window.

So here is the link: Social Media News Australia

This is a good kind of link as it’s telling Google to give authority/ page rank to this link.

Many websites will now use the tag “rel=”nofollow” on their external links. This is telling Google to look at the link but don’t give the site any ‘credit’ or SEO gain.

Therefore the above example would be coming this when using nofollow :

<a href=”” target=”_blank”rel=”nofollow”>Social Media News Australia</a>

And here is the actual link: Social Media News Australia

As you can see this link looks no different to the first one, but this link is not passing any Page Rank juice – it is telling Google and other search engines, don’t influence this links Page Rank.

Now I would like to welcome a new advertiser to

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If you are looking to gain more links without the nofollow attribute then Quality Link Directories are an easy way to achieve this.

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