Julia Gillard joins Twitter

Australia’s first female Prime Minister – Julia Gillard has now officially joined Twitter.

Julia’s first tweet: I’ve decided it’s time to take the Twitter plunge! Hopefully I’ll master it. JG.

Yes – we hope so too! : )

You can follow Julia on Twitter at

Gillard now has over 10,000 followers just 1 day after signing up.

Julia has also put a link in her Twitter profile where you can ’email the PM’.

UPDATE: Julia now has a verified account by Twitter. Seeing as she only created her account on the 30th of June that was a very quick verification by Twitter. Seems they give preference to high up political figures which seems fair enough!

David Cowling :

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  • molly

    cheers for Julia – what that women has to put with! She is strong as she needs to be. There is so much negative responses, What her government has done is impressive against extreme odds. Let's here some positive responses. As regards free speech what is thrown at Julia goes beyond what is acceptable to a majority of people and the media is not slow to report this obnoxious and irresponsible behaviour.
    Let's have a mort balanced reporting and give Julia the respect and encouragement she deserves

  • molly

    As Paul commented on what people believe – the more often an opinion is quoted the more likely it is to be believed; It doesn't need to be a hard fact. I think that because so many people keep making negative comments about Julia. multiplied many times they are :believed by many peope to have an adverse opinon of her
    Look at the facts, not the smokescreen that obscures what the government has achieved under difficult conditions and Tony Abbot's continuous strident declamations!