Link Building Strategies for your Blog

Today I am going to look at various internal and external link building strategies to maximise the SEO of your Blog.

SEO is my number 1 marketing strategy and I get a large amount of organic traffic from Search Engines – but I still want to improve this further and am always looking for ways to boost my rankings more and more.

Link Building Strategies for your WordPress Blog:

1. Anchor Text Importance

When you are getting incoming links to your blog, vary the anchor text of the links. The search engines use the anchor text to display you in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You can rank highly for multiple terms if you have varying anchor text links from external websites.

2. Deep Links though-out your Blog

Make sure you have a Deep Link Strategy in place on your blog. When writing new posts, link to old posts and category pages. This will hopefully flag these pages of higher importance to the search engines and get your content ranked higher in the SERPs.

There are many WordPress plugins that can help with a Deep Linking strategy.

3. Create a mix of NoFollow and Do Follow Links

You want to boost the Page Rank of your homepage as much as possible. A higher page rank means the search engines (mainly Google) will give your site higher importance and quicker indexing.

Any external links you create will pass off some of your Page Rank. In these situations use the NoFollow tag on external links. With internal links it is good to have Do Follow links so the search engines can easily spider your website.

4. Concentrate on Quality Links

Link Directories and Article sites are basically worthless now. Search Engines no longer value the links on these sites and as such you should keep away.

Concentrate on getting quality high PR links and understand that you want DoFollow links – getting NoFollow links will not help your SEO strategy at all.

5. Don’t participate in Link Exchanges

There is no point passing off PR to someone, if they are just passing it back to you. The more outgoing links you have the more PR you are passing off and the Search Engines will see this.

Link Exchanges no longer have any beneficial impact so concentrate on securing quality one way links.

6. Link Building is a Long Term strategy

Think of this exercise as a medium-long term task. If you can make Link Building part of a weekly exercise the results will show in due course.

There is no overnight success with Link Building, so it’s important you look at the bigger picture and understand that every quality incoming link is strengthening your site in the long run.

We hope these tips help with your Blog Link building and structure. If you have any advice, please share with us.

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