LinkedIn Tips for Increased Contact

on May 27, 2011 | LinkedIn | Comments (0)

LinkedIn is one of the most popular Social Networks in Australia, but let’s look at some way to increase the amount of LinkedIn contact you are receiving.

If you are looking to grow you business – LinkedIn is a must, but often people sign up and are not entirely sure how to tackle this sort of ‘Business Networking’.

We have compiled a list of tactics you can use to encourage contact from LinkedIn members you have never spoken to.

Here is our List:

1. First things first – make sure you have your profile filled out as close as possible to 100% completeness. And when filling out your LinkedIn profile make it as interesting as possible, use buzz words – don’t fill out your Profile like it is you Resume/ CV – make it an advertisement of how great you are and that you are a subject matter expert in your field. Sure listing previous jobs and employment is important, but don’t be boring.

2. Add your Email address to your last name. Your full name is shown in lots of places on LinkedIn, and by putting your Email address in your last name field you are really ‘inviting’ contact from other LinkedIn members.

3. Ask your close customers, colleagues and network for recommendations. Think of LinkedIn as a ‘Review’ site for Business People. We all like to read reviews about a product before we buy – so why is dealing with someone in business much different. LinkedIn recommendations (if done smartly) will build trust and invite contact for new people viewing your profile.

4. Be Social – As LinkedIn is a Social Networking site! add some personal flavour and passion to your profile. Don’t make it a boring script of your work life, add in some finer details about your own interests.

5. Ask Answers and Answer Questions – the Q&A section on LinkedIn is an area of the site with high traffic. Start commenting on discussions which align to your business and get out there and make yourself seen as a subject matter expert.

6. Create your Own Group – Ultimately you want your contacts, new connections and general LinkedIn community to join your groups and participate in the topics you are discussing. Also creating a highly targeted group of Industry professionals brings marketing opportunities especially as the Group Administrator. If you choose to send our a Weekly Digest or Summary, include contact details off the LinkedIn site where people can reach you.

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We hope these tips help – and will be sure to have some more for you soon. If you can think of any great ways to get your LinkedIn profile standing out even more, please let us know.

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