Looking back, Yahoo Australia’s purchase of OzTips

It was an interesting move around 1 year ago when Yahoo Australia purchased sports tipping website,

Due to Yahoo’s strong market position as a leading sporting news publication in Australia it was a strategic move to get its news users moving across and complementing their sports tipping service which can be played amongst family, friends, and colleagues.

Yahoo and Oztips have also adopted some sort of social media strategy as the Oztips brand does seem to be active on Facebook and Twitter and the Oztips brand has notoriously had a strong following even off social media platforms.

We wrote about Yahoo Australia buying Oztips just over 1 year ago now, and as Yahoo7 has made a number of strategic acquisitions over the past year it will be interesting to further track the progress of this brand.

You can follow Oztips on:

Facebook –

Twitter –!/OzTips

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  • bigants

    I know you wrote this article back on the 4th July but after the so called launch of the new OzTips website this week, I thought you might like to do a follow up article on the fiasco that OzTips has turned into.

    I have managed a tipping comp on OzTips for a couple of years now and this has to be without a shadow of a doubt the worst social media experience of my internet life. I have people in our comp having a go at me because they could not sign in or their scores are all out of whack, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of complaints. The twitter #OzTips search will show you how pissed off people are, also OzTips Facebook page is chock full of derision of OzTips

    I look forward to your thoughts.
    By the way, if you have a spare Google+ invite I'd appreciate it.


  • Steve Harvey

    This is more than a fiasco – it's a disgrace!
    I bet that Yahoo7 who are the world leaders in scandalous titalating gutter journalism (aka Today Tonight, Sunrise, 7 Nightly News…) would not touch this story with a barge pole because of the bad publicity it would bring them. This is what happens when one person tries to control everything successful and turn it into a money-making machine. Yahoo7 should have kept their grubby, greedy hands off something that was working just fine. I think that there will be a lot of people jump ship to (or other working tipping sites) next year (until Yahoo7 tries to buy them out too…). In the words of Derryn Hinch "Shame, shame, shame".

  • Andrew Higgins

    I have been using OZtips for many years. The shift to the Yahoo platform has been a shocker. It has been a less than average relaunch. The technical issues are many and frankly I'd be embarrased if I was with Yahoo.

    We too will not be using this again unless they can fix it up. My "help" request was ignored and they wanted "screen dumps" of the problem. This suggestion on it's own show a high level of ignorance. Gosh!

  • Lynda Hann

    Since the change to Ymail oz tips is stuffed some of our participants cannot get into their accounts to tip so we are now not going to use it we will be finishing the year manually so much less trouble

  • Daryl

    There are two completely different stories emerging about the problems with the new oztips site. The "official" version coming from Yahoo is that there are some minor login issues affecting 'one per cent of users'. The version coming from users is that there are multiple, serious, unacknowledged issues that remain unfixed, and should have been resolved before the new site went live. An additional problem is that emails to support either go answered (twice in my case) or demonstrate little understanding of the issues.

    There is definitely a big story here for anyone with the guts to break it. At the moment it seems as though this catastrophic relaunch of the biggest online tipping site in Australia is being completely ignored by mainstream media. Certainly, the Project Manager/s, design, development and QA/test teams responsible for this site should be throughly ashamed of themselves.

  • Faye Larrarte

    I absolutely agree the changover has been a shomozzle! I have been managing our tipping comp for the last 4 years, I took over from my father who passed away and it has been a tradition in our extended family for many, many years – even before Oztips! We have 18 in our group – ages ranging from 21 – 84 y/o. The communication has been atrocious from Yahoo – we have had so many problems, and many emails have been sent asking for assistance with no answer whatsover from Yahoo. Some of our group have just opted out completely and all of our group agree we will not be using Oztips/Yahoo next year. I am really surprised there hasn't been more media on the problems the takeover has given the tipsters – not sure why?? So I was glad to stumble across these comments and just had to have my say. Thank you!!