Microsoft still King, by the numbers

on June 28, 2010 | Microsoft Windows | Comments (1)

There has been so much hype lately with tech companies hitting record sales levels. But generally we don’t hear all that much in regards to how Microsoft is going.

7.1 million
Projected iPad sales for 2010.

58 million
Projected netbook sales in 2010.

355 million
Projected PC sales in 2010.

Apple also says 100 million iPhones/ iPod touch devices sold.

Well… Microsoft has sold 150 million licenses of Windows 7 since October 2009. This is over 600,000 licenses per day – 7 every second.

This makes Windows 7 the fastest growing Operating System in history.

Looking at Webmail stats:

173 million
Global Gmail users.

284 million
Global Yahoo! Mail users.

360 million
Global Windows Live Hotmail users.

299 million
Active Windows Live Messenger Accounts worldwide.

Server Operating Systems

Windows – 73.9%
Unix – 4.4%
Linux – 21.2%

Revenue figures

$5.7 Billion
Apple Net income for fiscal year ending Sep 2009.

$6.5 Billion
Google Net income for fiscal year ending Dec 2009.

$14.5 Billion
Microsoft Net Income for fiscal year ending June 2009.

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