Microsoft to update Bing entertainment search results

Microsoft is planning to improve the search results on Bing in relation to searches about music, television shows, movies and games.

Senior Vice president of Microsoft’s Online Audience Business, Yusuf Mehdi, will be giving exact details during a press conference in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday 22nd June.

TV show search results such as local programming includes some of the lists and shows the ability to stream interface search engine events. Music search returns lots of information about artists, concerts and recitals. The music player allows users to play music content directly from the search results too. Movie queries show more information on local showtimes and critic based, while the specialised tools to find new games and other information is provided for gamers.

Some of the new search capabilities in Microsoft made deals with other companies. Improvements are part of Microsoft’s efforts to increase competition with Google and other search providers for real time search results. The company is also responsible for providing additional services compared to other popular areas such as health, tourism and commercial center in the near future.

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