Mobile Search Market Share Statistics, April 2011 – Australia

Today let’s have a look at the Mobile Search Market share amongst the leading Search Engines being used in Australia.

The 3 main search engines used in Australia are (obviously):

– Google
– Bing
– Yahoo

Here is a graph showing the current market shares:

As you can see Google has over 99% of the Mobile Search Market in Australia. I think it is important that this space is much more competitive than is currently is. A very small percentage of Australia’s use other search engines such as

With Google having almost 100% of the mobile search market in Australia this creates a such a dominant position that I believe we need Bing and Yahoo to gain share to ‘keep it real’, basically. One media company covering the market probably does influence user behaviour to some degree.

It’s worth mentioning that all new mobile phones are having native support for Bing which is a good sign as previously only Google and Yahoo really had native support in mobile web browsers.

What do you think of this?

Stats Courtesy: StatCounter web tracker

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  • Thanks for the great article,

    Goes to show how Mobile Phone internet search is growing in size. Also its important businesses to recognise and capitalise on the growing mobile search market.

    It'l be interesting to see if Bing gets any mobile traction against Google.


  • Nice curve towards Mobile, but yet to see traction with Bing, at least in Australia.