More people using Facebook Places in Australia through US VPN

on September 1, 2010 | Facebook | Comments (0)

As previously mentioned more and more people in Australia are accessing Facebook places via a VPN hack – it seems people will goto any lengths to be the first users of new social media technologies like this.

So you may ask, how are people accessing Facebook places through a USA VPN?

People are signing up to get free VPN access through Hotspot Shield, which seems to have a very simple setup procedure.

Users need to make sure Wifi and 3G are both off. Restart your phone and then open up the Facebook application and goto the Facebook places tab.

The app is determining your location by your IP address and totally ignores the GPS coordinates – which now makes Facebook places usable by international users outside the USA.facebook-places-australia

Of course – i don’t recommend you do anything you shouldn’t. be good people 🙂 It seems like and also the folks on the MacTalk Australia forums figured out this trick a few days ago and its surprising how many people in Australia are so keen to get ‘beta’ access of Facebook places 😛

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