New Alexa Tips

on November 7, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (0)

Want to increase your Alexa Rank? Many international webmasters look at your websites Alexa Rank to determine how popular and how much traffic you are getting.

We wrote an article sometime ago on 20 tips to increase your Alexa Rank.

Today we will look at some new tips that can further boost your rank:

1. Comment on high ranking tech news websites. Leave your site URL in the appropriate field. Some of these sites generate such huge traffic you can gain an extra 10 Alexa users per day coming to your site just from blog comments. Every little bit helps.

2. Create your own Alexa Toolbar and promote it to your users. Download our Alexa Toolbar. In addition to this create a page on your website titled Alexa Toolbar where visitors can download your custom toolbar.

3. Concentrate hard on regular incoming links, ie not nofollow links. This will bring a SEO gain, Alexa will see new incoming links and also if they are from tech related websites you will slowly get more traffic coming through who have the toolbar installed.

4. Signup yourto high ranking website forums, such as WarriorForum and WebmasterWorld. If you sell advertising then BuySellAds and other 3party advertising websites have a very tech savvy audiences, with a large percentage being web developers/ webmasters. Create a free listing for your website on these sites if possible, and try get a link back to your site – even if it’s nofollow it will bring traffic. A lot users from these sites will have the Alexa toolbar installed.

That’s all the new tips we have at the moment. I’m always looking for new ways to boost your Alexa Rank. In my opinion your Alexa Rank (and Google Pagerank) is a very important aspect of your internet reputation. You want the best reputation you can get right?

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