New Geolocation service Scoville goes into Private Beta

Scoville, a new Geolocation service has launched which allows users to share their favourite Foursquare check-ins with their connections, and comment/discuss them.

Scoville is integrated directly into the Foursquare API and can access your Fousquare friends list (and also Twitter and Facebook if you wish).

The aim of the service is for you to create your own list/group of favourite places, eg – favourite restaurants, bars, shopping centres etc, these are called ‘Likeboxes’. Your friends are then able to see the places you like and comment/ discuss why they are so good.

Every Tuesday Scoville will collate all the information on a per city basis and create a #toptuesday – ranking the best places in the city voted by Scoville users from their Likebox information. It will be interesting to see the most popular places in Sydney next Tuesday!

Using the service you don’t actually share your location, you are simply talking about the places you like which you’ve visited in the past.

You can think of Scoville as a Social Review site. The site is currently in Private Beta and if you are a Foursquare user with over 500 check-ins you will be able to join –

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