Next Step for Engagement: Video Blogging

on June 10, 2011 | Blog | Comments (0)

In the world of Blogging we are always (!ALWAYS!) looking for new ways to attract readers, getting them staying on our sites for longer – and engaging.

We have now got to the point where it’s easy for anyone to make a blog and write text. To stand out from the regular crowd of bloggers we need to innovate and improvise.

How can we do this? You guessed it, Video Blogging

In one of my previous posts I talked about how important it is for Bloggers to Personalise – to get your readers really understanding who you are.

If you are now looking to go that extra step, consider adding some Video Blog posts to your site. Initially I think one per week would be sufficient – maybe a weekly wrap up of what is happening in your space. As this is venturing into a new type of media I don’t think we need to go over 5 minutes in length.

Making a Video Blog is no easy task, setting up your Camera, working out a script, shooting your video, uploading it to your computer, editing it, then embedding it on your website could take considerable time.

Let me try estimate the time it would take in my opinion for a typical Video post:
– setting up camera, 10 minutes
– work out script, 20 minutes
– shooting your video (couple retakes), 20 minutes
– upload to computer, 5 minutes
– editing, 20 minutes
– upload to video hosting sites and embedding, 10 minutes

This means it could take a little over 1 hour to do a quick video post, as long as you don’t stuff around/ have all the equipment on hand. But you would definitely be standing out from the crowd. Think about it – how many bloggers in your space Video Blog?

Now don’t be camera shy people.. Ohh and watch this space 🙂

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