6 Tips to further your Profile in the Blogosphere – Personalise

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Blogging is so popular now we are always looking for new tips and tools to increase our exposure and readership in this competitive landscape.

Today I will look at some new tips that will position yourself as a ‘Personality’ in the blog space in an effort to increase your audience, network, and contacts.

This follows on from my last Blog tips article about using Internal Linking for SEO gain. Need more – check out all our Blog advice/ strategies we use.


6 Tips to further your Profile in the Blogosphere

1. Give your personal view – be Subjective

If you are in the blogging game, your readers want to hear your view on the topic being discussed. Don’t just report the facts/news – add in a personal opinion or view. If you don’t agree with the facts and what other people are saying – say it!

2. Do your research – for and against

Whilst your personal opinion is appreciated, make sure the facts you are reporting are correct. If you don’t agree with them, try to back up your view with a source/quote from a reputable industry professional. There is generally 2 sides to any story and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find information and facts on both the for and against arguments.

3. Stay in touch with your Readers

Blogging is generally an open platform and you want to invite readers to comment on your articles. Make sure you reply to their comments as quickly as possible. This may entice them to visit your blog more regularly and comment more often.

The more comments and discussion your get – your blog should experience more repeat traffic and a lower bounce rate.

4. Look at other Bloggers in your Niche

If you want to be a successful blogger you need to understand what your ‘competitors’ are doing. Understand how often they post, Do they allow guest posting? What is their social media strategy? How are they using Facebook/ Twitter? How many Facebook fans do they have? How many RSS subscribers do they have? What is their Alexa rank? Page Rank?

Understand what the other bloggers are doing intimately. There may even be ways you can work with them. Don’t be afraid to comment on their articles or subscribe to their feed.

5. Listen to Feedback and try to incorporate it

An important aspect of Blogging is the social side. Make it easy for your website visitors to submit feedback. This can be more than just a contact form. List your Social Media profiles in various places across your site and use them to see what people are saying about you.

If your readers suggest new topics for discussion – try to satisfy their request. Coming across as ‘Customer Service centric’ (as I try to do) is a great way for generating repeat traffic, and inviting users to contact you with their suggestions.

6. Who’s Blogging? – Show yourself

Blogging is personal – go that extra step and show readers who you are. I believe in ‘having a face behind the username’ and so do many of the most popular/ successful blogs today. Your readers have come for your opinion, they want to know who you are – personalise!

– Make sure you as the website owner have a page, or section of the site (footer area in my case) with a picture, explanation of yourself, and contact information – be open, invite contact.
– Enable gravatars for authors
– Give each author a biography below posts and Social Media profile links
– Enable gravatars for user comments

We hope these tips help. Got any for us? Please let us know in the comments below.

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