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on February 14, 2012 | Pinterest | Comments (6)

PinterestSo Pinterest is getting lots of hype in the social media community – I’ve been looking how we can use Pinterest for SEO.

I have noticed Google has started indexing a lot of personal Pinterest profiles. If your profile is keyword rich this is going to help your page rank in search.

Here is my keyword rich profile URL: – You will notice on this page you can have a link to your website and also Twitter/ Facebook. All these links are just target = blank (open in new window). There is no nofollow tag here to you are already picking up a couple links which will help your website SEO and also Facebook/ Twitter profile SEO.

Pinterest for Link Building

If you check out my Social Media News board – and click on any of the 2 pictures there, you will see I’ve added my website link.

This link is NOT nofollow, therefore passing pagerank from Pinterest to my site. This is great for SEO especially from such an Authority website.

In saying that – don’t go spam the website with all your links, be reasonable about it.


The effects of this link building can be compounded if you post such great content that people repin it to their own board page.

As this is a young social network marketers are experimenting in a variety of ways to benefit business – and if you can get some edge on Search Engine Optimisation it’s always worth pursuing.

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