Scheduling Social Media updates will become the norm for Social Marketers?

Social media marketing is the younger kid on the block and more and more marketers are running to it in order to help create a buzz around their business. Social media pages are a great way to connect with potential clients as well as interact and engage with your customers on a personal level. Considering the numbers that most social media websites boast of these days, it is obvious that this marketing strategy cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to improve the sales as well as the quality of services of their business.

Regular updates are key 

One of the ways of social media marketing is posting updates and tweets on the major social media networks. This should be done regularly, and one should ensure that the posts have a call to action which requires individuals to respond in a particular way. The posts should also be engaging and interesting enough so that users can either share them, if they are on Facebook, or retweet them, if they are on Twitter. Each time a post or an update is shared or retweeted, it gets more exposure and this means more buzz will be created about the business.

Social Media Management becomes time intensive 

However, for a business that has a global approach, social media marketing can be quite hectic and tedious. There are so many social media networks in the world, with Facebook and Twitter taking the largest share of the cake in terms of membership. However, there are social media networks that are specific to regions and countries, and these too have a huge following in their respective areas. Marketers who are targeting members from the whole world will have a huge following as well, and they must engage with their clients often in order to maintain their attention, hopefully all the way to the bank.

Automate and Win 

The best way to maintain the attention of the members is by posting, and tweeting several times a day. Since what the marketer is trying to do is to engage their clients or potential clients, they have to be available to respond to comments as well as to give thanks and acknowledgement or even encouragement to their followers. Since this is quite hectic, and the marketer’s day is usually packed with activities, marketers have had to look for solutions that will enable them to find their way around the social media maze.

Social Scheduling Tools 

In response to this dilemma that social media marketers face, several update scheduling applications have cropped up. These applications are quite attractive, and they ensure that the marketer is organized and that they do not miss the steps of any of their members. Update scheduling is very different from automation as the updates are written by the marketer, and not by a computer. The marketer simply schedules them to be posted at different times during the day. By so doing, the members will always expect updates during that particular time, and if this updates are interesting, they will always make time to read them, retweet them or even comment on them. The application also informs the social marketer whether any of their posts and updates were commented on, shared or even retweeted. This enables them to respond appropriately to individual clients and either thank them for their interest or respond to any of their personal issues.

What tools do I use?

1. - Great for managing multiple Facebook fanpages, Twitter accounts etc. Nice scheduling  functionality.

2. – A very simple scheduling interface that allows quick setup of your status updates. I just use this for Twitter marketing.

Scheduled updates applications also help social marketers to filter out information into categories, especially if the social marketer is dealing with a large number of comments. By filtering them, the social marketer is able to know who to follow or comment on and who to simply like. Therefore, none of the fans or followers will be disappointed and the social marketer’s task will be done.

Scheduling updates has made life so much easier for the social marketer, and it is definitely something that is trending these days. Scheduling updates has helped social marketers to become more organised, and they can now use one of the greatest marketing tools on the internet effectively. It is for this reason that this trend is unlikely to die down as more and more people will definitely use it now and in the future to help them update posts on social media networks.


Scheduling updates also helps to increase the response from users as they always anticipate updates throughout the day. For example – if you post 1 update onto your Twitter account at 10am in the morning – only people on Twitter at that time will see it and you may get 1 or 2 replies.

If you post every hour (as long as the content is useful and not old or stale), you fans will see your updates far more often, visit your website far more often – and you will get much more interaction, @mentions, retweets and so on. All of this helps you become a Twitter authority.

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