SEO your personal Facebook Profile

on June 3, 2011 | Facebook SEO | Comments (1)

I was looking today at the best ways to SEO your personal Facebook Profile.

To do this you obviously need to have a publicly findable profile, which generally most people are happy to do.

However most of us don’t want to share our personal contact info/ photos/ friends list and wall with the world – I certainly don’t, but what is there is some sort of SEO gain we can benefit?

If you think about this from a Business/ SEO perspective, there is some information you are probably comfortable to share with everyone – such as:

– Your website URLs
– Your email address
– Your Twitter handle
– Your Skype username
and possibly your Mobile number if you are using your account mainly for business purposes.

By adding this information to your public profile listing I am sure it will be indexed by the Search Engines in due course. I am conducting an experiment now to see what happens! 🙂

I personally think having a totally open Facebook profile is not really appropriate (well for me anyway), but I’m happy to show my website URLs, email address and Twitter profile link.

It is worth noting that all external links on Facebook are NoFollow, ie Facebook will not pass off any Page Rank to your website. However the Search Engines will still follow these links and index your webpages.

I will follow up my results in due course and let you know any other tips that will allow you to SEO your Facebook Profile.

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