Social Media Marketing tips for YouTube

Whilst not many businesses and online brands are not using LinkedIn as part of their social media marketing campaigns, there are many businesses who are leveraging traffic and exposure from this social video website.

Check out these following tips to see if using YouTube in your social marketing can benefit your business.

Social Media Marketing tips for YouTube

  • Consider spicing up your blog with Video posts. You may get good traffic from your Blog, but if you host the videos on YouTube you may get even more traffic from YouTube itself.
  • Include your website/ blog link in your YouTube profile.
  • Make the title/ headline of your video keyword rich so people find it either through YouTube of a search engine.
  • If you are interviewing people on your blog considering doing video interviews as this is a great way to get people watching your whole article compared to a text post.
  • Consider discussing your businesses products and demonstration in a video as opposed to a text description.

Video marketing is still relatively new in the social media world, but if appropriate for your business you can gain a lot of eyeballs from the huge audience YouTube has.

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