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on August 29, 2011 | Social Media Tools | Comments (3)

If you are using Social Media marketing to promote your business and/or those of your clients – you need to be monitoring your performance on a weekly basis (at least) in my opinion.

There are many free tools out there, but with them come overly complex data that often doesn’t make your job any easier, or the services come up with their own Algorithms that don’t actually provide any immediate conclusions, eg ‘Your Social Score this week is xx’.

With Social Media marketing these days there are a few select social networks we all need to keep track of in broad terms, which are:

– Your Facebook fanpage
– Your Twitter account
– Google Analytics
and also possibly LinkedIn and YouTube.

Having to login to several different sites to check the performance of your campaign is long winded and as your results are in multiple screens and there is no easy way to compare and collate all the data.

We have come across a new free tool – that lets your monitor your Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, Google Analytics, stats, and your MySpace and YouTube accounts.

You are able to export your data into a spreadsheet, which is useful when compiling reports for your clients. Fields monitored include:

– number of new Twitter followers
– @ Twitter replies
– New Facebook likes to your Fanpage
– Fanpage activity
– YouTube subscribers/ views
– Google Analytics data such as visits, page views, unique visitors and location data
– click stats

These data sets are useful for anyone starting out in social media marketing and monitoring.

Are you using any other free tools you recommend? Please let us know in the comments section below and a link to the site.

We’re particularly be interested in tools that can monitor your Facebook Fanpage, Twitter account, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics, any 3rd party URL shortening services and possibly location based services like Foursquare and Gowalla.

See our previous article on various other Social Media Tools that may be of use.

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