Social Media stats in Australia- Facebook, Blogger, MySpace

On a per capital basis Australia has one of the highest uptakes of social media in the world.

Out of our population of 21 million, 14 million Australians are internet users.

The most popular social media sites in Australia are: Facebook, Blogger and MySpace.

Facebook has 9.2 million Australian users which is almost 66% of our internet population.

Blogger (a publishing tool by Google) has 3.3 million users in Australia, while MySpace has 1.7 million Australian users.

As a result of Australia’s uptake on social media many companies are generating great results from social media advertising, particularly with Facebook’s advanced advertising system.

stats courtesy of BoxHillInstitute & Hitwise

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  • Just wanting to know your source for facebook terms of aus numbers.


  • Hi Jen,

    BoxHillInstitute, Victoria

  • Thanks David, Couldn't detect the 9.3 million unless it was on a screenshot that I could not read the writing for. Can you tell me where it was in the video?

    • Sorry – that figure was from Hitwise data (need a login to access)


    • Cara

      Hi Jen

      For up to date figures globally and for Australia, visit

      Click on Australia to get our current numbers. It's actually up to over 9.5 million now. This will also give you a breakdown in age and gender.

      Hope that helps!

      Cara 🙂

  • davidinengland

    Per capita, not per capital.

    Latin matters more than Facebook.