STATS of the Internet!

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We all know the internet is big, and growing by the second.

It is estimated that 5 new sites are being created every second.

Here is some more info on the modern day internet-

Google estimates the internet is now about 5 million terabytes of data (5 billion GB)

Google has only indexed .004% of the total or 200 terabytes.

The human brain can hold an estimated 1-10 terabytes!

26.6% of the worlds population uses the internet or has access to.

247 billion emails are sent every day. Of this 81% is spam, roughly 200 billion. Comes to 90 trillion emails sent per year.

There is an estimated 126 million blogs on the internet.

Every second about 28,000 people are watching Adult movies on the internet.

87% of mobile internet users access the internet more than once per day. 50% of mobile internet users access the net more than 5 times per day.

1/3 of the United States Population access YouTube, around 120-130 million people.

Facebook has 6 million pageviews per minute, 37.4 trillion per year. 2.5 billion images are uploaded to Facebook every month.

12.2 billion videos viewed per month.

50 million Twitter tweets per day, 600 per second.

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