Steve Jobs stats from WWDC

If you don’t have time to watch the full WWDC Keynote by Steve Jobs here are some very interesting stats Steve mentioned:

– Approximately 15,000 apps are submitted to the AppStore each week, of these 95% are approved within 7 days

– The top 3 reasons for an application being rejected from the App store are:
1. The app doesn’t function as advertised by the developer
2. The app was developed using private APIs
3. The app crashes

– US smart phone market share stats looking something like
#1: RIM smartphones: 35% market share.
#2 iPhone: 28%.
#3 Windows: 19%.
#4 Android: 9%.


– Apple predicted that in the second half of 2010, iAds will generate “48% of the entire US mobile display ad market,” approximately $60 million ad dollars.

– According to the Nielson ranking data of US mobile phone browser usage, the iPhone is in first place with 58.2%; Android devices are 2nd, with 22.7%; RIM is 3rd, with 12.7%; other devices 6.4%.

Jobs said 5 million ebooks downloaded in the first 65 days, or around 2 1/2 books per iPad, counting for a little over 20% of the eBook market, ruffling up Amazon with their Kindle device.

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