WordPress 3.1.1 released, Security and Performance Improvements

on April 6, 2011 | WordPress | Comments (0)

WordPress has released an update to their popular blogging software, version 3.1.1 is now released and available for users to download or update from their dashboard.

The update fixes around 30 issues that have been identified including some key Security and Performance problems.

The main issues identified and rectified include:

– CSRF prevention for the media uploader

– Avoiding a PHP crash when handling certain link comments

– Corrects a XSS flaw

Whilst this update doesn’t have any fancy new features or visual improvements, keeping your blog secure and performing at its optimum speed level should be high on your list.

Whilst it is good to see further enhancements in Security, I believe it is worth your while to do your own custom security work to secure your blog further.

This could include blocking your wp-admin directory from everyone else.

Or installing security plugins that will Block Bad Queries and malicious web requests.

The list goes on and if you take extra measure to secure your blog- this should put you ‘ahead of the pack’ and make your website less venerable and prone to attacks. It is actually surprising how many WordPress users do not have any further security features on their blog – don’t be one of these people!

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