Apple World Wide Developer Conference recap

Steve Jobs has highlighted about the new iPhone 4 to be released in Australia around July. Nothing else was mentioned on Day 1 at the Apple Apple World Wide Developer Conference.

Below is a summary of changes for the iPhone 4.

Hardware upgrades

– 5MP camera

– LED flash next to camera lens

– tap to focus on video setting

– additional front facing camera

– A4 processor as per the iPad

– 16BG & 32GB storage capacities.

– Gyroscope, mainly for game playing.

– dual microphones at the top and bottom of the phone

– steel band around phone to assist with Wi-fi, bluetooth, reception signal.

– 940×640 resolution, Retina display giving much clearer viewing quality.

Software upgrades

– iOS4, Operating System 4.

– iMovie player for viewing videos

– upgraded interface for Video calling called Facetime. Will only be supported on Wi-fi in 2010, 3G later.

Pre-order available on June 15 in

iOS4 will come out June 21st for iPhone 3G, 3GS users, and iPod Touch.

iOS4 will allow multitasking (running up to 7 apps at once)

Steve Jobs went on to speak more about the iPhone related products.

The iAd advertising platform has $60 million committed from advertisers so far. Apple sells and hosts the iAds which keep you inside the app when clicked.

Apple has almost reach 100 million units sold of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Bing is being added as a native search engine to the products.

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