Facebook Press Event On June 20 Could Be Release Of Video On Instagram Platform

on June 18, 2013 | Instagram | Comments (0)

There are rumors and speculation going around today that Facebook will be holding a special press event on Thinstagram300ursday 20th of June (in the US of course) that could be the unveiling of video features inside the Instagram app.

This would obviously be in direct competition with Twitter’s app, Vine - which allows users to post short 6 seconds videos. It is unclear at this stage how long Instagram videos could be. Previously Kevin System, CEO and Co-Founder of Instagram said they wouldn’t rule out adding video and they will look at this over time.

It seems that time may be now.

Besides Vine, there is another application called Keek which is very popular in the video space and lets users create 36 second videos. The Kardashian’s are big users on Keek and I’ve always thought there may be some sort of relationship between Keek and the Kardashian family for their support.

There is also some speculation that because Google is retiring Google Reader on July 1, that Facebook may also be talking about releasing their own RSS app.

We will keep you updated.

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