Google I/O conference Day 1 San Francisco

on May 20, 2010 | Google | Comments (0)

Recap from Google I/O conference Day 1 – San Francisco

What does I/O mean?

mainly known for the input/output function, but Google is redefining it as innovation/openness.

HTML5 is seen as the future of web development and applications, even mobile applications – allowing speed and less bandwidth consumption.

Google co-founder and CEO Sergey Brin admits Google ‘screwed up’ in allowing its Street View cars to collect information on unsecured wireless networks.

A directions web service has arrived for the Google Maps API.

Google is creating a Web App store inside their Chrome Browser.

Google Wave is being opened up to the general public and will now become part of the Apps products.

In 2004 people moved from Desktop applications to Web applications.

Google is pushing hard to get their technology infront of enterprise organisation. Google is creating an App Engine for Business which lets businesses use Google’s application-hosting infrastructure.

Google wants to keep the web open and get more businesses developing web applications and becoming part of the internet infrastructure as a whole.

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