Google Plus Reaches 400 Million Users

on September 18, 2012 | Google Plus | Comments (1)

Vic Gundotra, Senior vice president of engineering at Google has just announced via his Google+ page that their social network now has 400 million registered users all around the world. This is both mobile users and those visiting

Gundotra also went on to say that G+ has 100 million monthly active users.

Google has just purchased a company called Nik Software - a company that specialises in high end photography software. Google is no doubt looking to
integrate this into Google+ to entice more photographers to use the network.

One area I have also speculated, is that now Facebook owns Instagram, we will never see an Instagram to Google Plus integration. Such a simple feature would possible boost engagement further on Google+ but it’s in their dreams this would even happen.

Instagram has itself reached over 100 million users and has more engagement than every other social network, bar Facebook.

Just in April, we announced Google+ had 170 million users, however I am still sceptical about actual usage and engagement – especially for Australian users.

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