Instagram Confirms They Have Reached 150 Million Monthly Active Users

on September 10, 2013 | Instagram | Comments (0)

videoigsmallInstagram have confirmed on their blog that their social network has now reached 150 million monthly active users.

It was only in February that they announced 100 million monthly active users, so their user base is still growing fast – by 50 million members in the past 6 months.

What is also interesting is that of this 150 million users, 60% + now reside outside of the US.

Instagram have been pushing ahead with new features for users – most important being the release of Instagram for Video in June.

We also saw the US legal system throw out a class action lawsuit against Instagram in regards to their proposed change of terms in January.

Facebook and Instagram are both keen to make money from the platform, and several Facebook resources have been assigned the task to make this happen – however we know Facebook won’t jump into this too quickly as most important is protecting their user-base and encouraging more sharing, engagement and growth.

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