iOS and Android Developer numbers [STATS]

on July 3, 2010 | Android Apple Mobile | Comments (0)

There are alot of developers now developing apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems. put together a survey of all their developers on both the iOS and Android and the stats looking something like this:

– 43,185 iOS developers

– 10,199 Android developers

– 1415 developers building apps on both platforms.

Apple has had a significant head start over Android so these figures seem to make sense, but no doubt Android is going to work on closing this gap quickly.

Apple has around 200,000 + applications now in the app store, whereas Android only has around 50,000. But I am sure alot of developers who have built apps for the AppStore will now be looking to build applications for the Android operating system.

BlackBerry was the first smart phone to utilise 3rd party applications, however BlackBerry did not promote the feature all that much initially. Also to begin with i remember having to connect my BlackBerry to the PC via a USB cord to download and install apps – a tedious process at times.

Nokia has also followed suit and you can download basic apps onto your Nokia. Many new Nokia’s already come pre-installed with popular apps like Facebook and MySpace. Ovi-maps is also on new models and is a free turn by turn mobile GPS app.

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