iOS5 – iMessage Application

on October 14, 2011 | Apple | Comments (0)

One thing I really like about iOS5 is the Messages (or iMessage application as it’s known).

Very similar to Blackberry Messenger this is a free messaging service between iOS5 devices.

To me this application has a great feel, will be useful for networking and a nice way to chat with people in an informal manner in your own time. I can also see it being useful for business purposes.

It really does feel like a fancy SMS service (or if you have previously used an application called Viber), but it’s good fun and you can even send photos over the app. I’m sure it will gain more users than the similar Blackberry service, mainly because iPhone users are so active.

As a result I’d like to invite any Social Media participants who are using iOS5 – feel free to add me on iMessages. Simply send me a message via the app to:

If you’d also like to build your contact list in the Messages application, feel free to leave you email address in the comments field below for others to add you.

Facebook actually launched a similar application on their mobile platform, but not available in Australia just yet. I am eagerly waiting. Check out our article on Facebook’s Messenger Application.

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