Top 10 Google Plus Productivity Tips

on August 4, 2011 | Google Plus | Comments (1)

If you are a new user on the Google Plus Social Network, have a look at the below productivity tips that may help with your day-to-day social activities.

1. Hotkeys in Stream

When viewing your stream – Press ‘j’ to skip to the next status update
– Press ‘k’ to skip to go back to the previous status

2. Content Sharing

If you post something to your profile, but don’t want other users resharing it, click the Drop down arrow on that post and ‘Disable reshare’ button.

3. You can use font mark-up on your status updates

To italicize use underscores eg,   _text here_
To bold use stars eg,               *text here*
To strikeout, use hyphens eg,   -text here-

4. Mentioning others in your status updates

You can mention another user in your status updates by typing either ‘+’ or ‘@’ and then the users name. Similar to Twitter.

5. Google + for Mobile

Google + has a native application for Android and iPhone.

Android –
iPhone –

Or you can acesss the site through a mobile browser at

6. Private Messaging

Is there a private messaging feature in Google+ ? Yes, simply write a status update and instead of sharing it with everyone or particular circles, type in the name of the contact you want to private message.

Only this person will be able to see your status update.

7. RSS Feeds

Do you want to get a RSS feed of a particular person on Google Plus? Simply get the user ID in that persons URL add put it on the end of this URL

Eg to get my status updates by RSS you would subscribe to

8. Google Plus Developer API

There is no Google Plus developer API available yet – but you can submit your interest here to find out updates from Google

9. Import Hotmail or Yahoo address book

You can import your Hotmail or Yahoo address book contacts here:

10. Custom Google Plus Vanity URL

If you want a custom Google Plus URL, at the moment this is not possible. However you can use this 3rd party service that does a great job

We hope you find these tips useful, and if you know of any other hints you would like to share – please let us know.

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