US FTC to Investigate Apple for Antitrust Issues

on June 12, 2010 | Apple iPad iPhone | Comments (0)

Apple is facing an antitrust investigation from the United States Federal Trade Commission, this time to determine whether its mobile advertising policies and iAd mobile advertising platform are considered unfair business practices.

Apple has released a new terms of service for developers under iOS 4 and several terms explicitly explain the use of ‘pop-up’ style advertising in iPhone/iPad applications is not longer allowed on the iOS 4.

This will present a huge problem for Google’s recently acquired AdMob mobile advertising business, in which it paid $750 million US for.

The FTC recently investigated the Google purchase of AdMob and was finally given the green light only weeks ago.

Steve Jobs has said the changes in the advertising platform is to benefit developers and that Apple is not cornering out the market – Apple is happy for other system to develop on the iAd platform.

Several companies have alleged that they have been excluded from running or selling advertising on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches because of Apple’s policies.

More to come as the FTC investigation unravels..

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