Yahoo7 builds and launches new Oztips site

on August 5, 2011 | Oztips Yahoo | Comments (1)

Over the past couple of months it seems Yahoo has had some issues with the Oztips site. I’ve had many people come to me and explain their frustration with an unreliable and inaccurate tipping service. I have been told of tipping competitions that have been ruined by Oztips providing the wrong stats about games, players etc – which is a shame.

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It seems Yahoo7 has recently upgraded the Oztips site, moving it onto the Yahoo7 platform and sent out a blanket email to everyone on a email address.

Here is the email you would have received:

yahoo australia oztips

The whole website has been totally redone, which by the complex nature of tipping sites was probably a big project for Yahoo Australia. New users are able to login to the site with their Yahoo login, or Google or Facebook logins (as part of Yahoo login process).

You can access the new Oztips site here:

Their old URL redirects through to the new Yahoo Oztips website.

Hopefully this puts to rest the problems users were experienced and we can all get back on with our tipping competitions knowing that there are no bugs or flaws with the system.

Thanks Yahoo! 🙂

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