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The Pinterest trend is continuing globally and it is no different here in Australia. The media and internet community has certainly acknowledged Pinterest can be used for personal and business reasons.

We have already discussed Pinterest a fair bit here at Social Media News.

Some of our previous articles include:

We thought it would be a good idea to put together an infograph showing some key users numbers in Australia, and compare this to Pinterest globally. It has been widely reported that there are 12 million Pinterest account globally – but it  seems many more people are visiting the site – they want to know what all the fuss is about!

Pinterest Australia Infograph
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  • David, you always have great articles, stats & graphics. Thanks for sharing & making me get up to speed! All the best, Nicole

  • Good news to hear that pinterest attracts more man than women in Australia.

  • Jen Werner

    Thanks for your interesting article on Pinterest. I am a seasoned piner but for some reason it seems to be a harder slog in gaining followers, in spite that i have been doing your suggestions for quite some time now . Any suggestions ? Do pinerest control the amount of followers you get, in favour of those that use it for pure business? In other words does one reach a ‘used-by’ date?