Page rank Vs Alexa Rank

on August 18, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (2)

If you are a webmaster, what is more important to you – a good Google Page Rank or Alexa Rank?

Page Rank depends on the level of incoming links your site has, where as your Alexa rank is determined by the amount of traffic you are getting (from users with the Alexa toolbar installed).

Google also determines your Page Rank (PR) but analysing over 200 other algorithmic factors – these then impact your ranking on the Search Engine results page, and how much of your content is indexed.

You are able to ‘game’ your Alexa rank by installing the toolbar on your computer/ friends/ family and getting them to visit your Link. You can also look at other tips that will increase your Alexa rank unnaturally.

When you come to sell website advertising the most 2 important metrics in my opinion (besides a strong brand name and high level of traffic) would be:

1. The websites Google Page Rank

2. The websites Alexa Rank

From my research people who install the Alexa Toolbar are generally IT people (developers, SEO, web design, graphic design), Marketing people (analysts, Marketing managers, business analysts), and generally people whom are interested in the Web/ Internet and analytics. Of course you do get people from all walks of life installing the toolbar, but I have found the proportionate of people in the above categories much higher. I also seem to find a slightly higher number of males installing the toolbar than females.

For this reason you will find many webmaster forums have a very good Alexa rank. Also Blogging websites, and SEO resources will again have very good Alexa Ranks. Then you find sites on the other end of the scale (that tech/ SEO people wouldn’t visit often) eg, Gardening sites have very low Alexa Ranks even if the site has big traffic. Alexa has recently started ranking websites by Suburb.

We are making our own Alexa Rank Train – feel free to get involved. If are not yet and Alexa user should you install the Toolbar or Status Bar?

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